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Chelsie Christine

Chelsie Christine is a Pop/RnB vocalist out of Florida, USA. Her love of music started at age three when she sang in church, and it has since blossomed. In her music, Chelsie Christine aims to mix pop and R&B stylings with strong, soulful vocals like Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera, and she definitely hits her mark!

Her newest single, "Take It Slow" is now on all major streaming services! As reviewed by Quincy at, the track "...features an instrumental that boasts a mixture of soothing and robust vibes, a very passionate vocal performance, timeless melodies, and nothing but romantic lyrics...I love how Chelsie comes across as authentically joyous and extremely honest". Check it out today!

When she isn’t recording in the studio, Chelsie Christine can be found in the library, finishing her Ph.D. in Biochemistry.

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