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Niki grew up in the small town of Vernon, BC Canada in a household always surrounded by her music. Given her dad played a lot of classic rock/folk and her mom is a classic country singer, she has many different influences, from pop artists and girl groups like the All Saints and Leanne Rimes and bands like the Eagles, to more recent sounds like Harry Styles and Khalid. Along with singing, Niki taught herself how to play Ukulele and she plays on the beach as a way to connect with herself. As she writes, she aims to channel her life experience and passion for helping others. Niki is currently working on her first release with StreetBurnerz Productions, coming in 2021!
Niki has a passion for self discovery and asking the bigger life questions. Recently, she traveled to Bali and completed her Yoga Teacher Training which has opened her eyes to the world and new experiences. She loves to feel free and express herself, whether it be through music, dance, art, or fashion.

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