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Zuilee is a bold and powerful female Pop/Trap/Urban Singer-Songwriter born and raised in Mumbai, India. She began singing around the age of 9, performing High School Musical and Hannah Montana songs to her friends and family, and has since learned to play guitar, ukelele, and piano. Zuilee's approach towards music is fresh and different, leaning towards what is currently relevant but at the same time trying new ways of making music. She currently has two songs (“Please Set Me Free” and “Don’t Wanna Love You”) released under the name “Juilee Lav”, and her newest track “Bleed Red (The Period Anthem)” is on all major streaming platforms. Her latest Hinglish track "That Feeling" features a mix of Hindi and English lyrics, and was released on February 14th, 2021. 

Zuilee is also a socially responsible artist, not afraid of bringing world causes to light in an attempt to make an impact on the world with her music. When she is not writing or recording, Zuilee likes to spend her time working with the TEE Foundation, a foundation in India started to weaken stereotyping of the menstrual cycle in women, and to provide sanitary products for those in need. She is also a lawyer, negotiating, consulting, and advising other artists from being exploited in their contracts, and is passionate about spiritual guidance and focuses on guiding others through Tarot card readings.

Follow Zuilee here!!

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